3D 3″ Flexible Rotary Green Backing Plate. K-98EUR


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3D 3″ Flexible Rotary Green Backing Plate. K-98EUR. Automotive Paints.



The quick-release EZ-Switch connector snaps into the center receptacle of any of the 3D EZ-Switch backing plates to make switching pad type or pad size fast and easy.

Once you get your EZ-Switch Backing Plate System dialed-in to your buffing pad preferences, you’ll wonder how you ever used your rotary polisher without it.

What is it?
Tough but flexible, tapered rotary polisher backing plate system for use with the 3D EZ-Switch quick-release connector.


What does it do?
It makes switching to different pads fast and easy when using a rotary polisher. These backing plates attach to the 3D EZ-Switch quick-release connector and enable you to quickly change to a different type of buffing pad or a different size buffing pad without having to continually remove buffing pads from backing plates. This unique feature reduces time wasted centering pads onto backing plates and also extends the life of the hook-n-loop material on both the backing plate and the pad plus extends the life of the pad.


When do you use it?
Anytime you’re using a rotary polisher for paint correction.


Why use 3D EZ-Switch Backing plate system over other options?
First – there’s really no other good options on the market. Other designs costs more money, and they LIMIT you to a single brand of buffing pads due to the way the system works. With other systems, you are trapped with limited types and sizes of buffing pads. With the 3D EZ-Switch Backing plate system – you can use the entire line of 3D pads plus any other brand of buffing pad you like and/or already own.


Tough, flexible design
The 3D EZ-Switch backing plates are great because the have an extreme taper to them, which makes them very flexible. This helps you when buffing into concave curved panels or going up on edge to buff thin panels or around various components found on vehicles, like side mirrors, rear deck wings, wiper arms, door handles, antennas, etc.


3D green backing plate is flexible, tough, and long lasting!


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