3D Bead It Up Super Hydrophobic Polymer Ceramic Coating Booster 3.78LT. 440


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3D BEAD IT UP is the ultimate spray-on paint and multi-surface protectant that actually does what similar products claim.


  • Hydrophobic polymer bead maker
  • Ceramic Coating booster spray extends the life of your ceramic protection
  • Sio2 properties repel water, dirt, road film, and more from paint
  • Great post wash or detail maintenance spray for ceramic coated cars


What is it? – A fast, easy to use spray on synthetic surface sealant.


What does it do? – Seals and protects virtually any type of smooth surface with a proprietary formula that creates a high gloss shine with a layer of water-beading protection.


When do you use it? – Any time you want to add gloss, shine, and slickness while at the same time adding a layer of hydrophobic protection.


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