2Spray Mini Gravity Feed Spray Gun. 2 Setups. 1.0mm and 1.2mm Setups. PS.MINI


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2SPRAY Mini Gravity Feed Spray Gun. 1.0mm and 1.2mm Setups. PS.MINI
  • Stylish Gun Metal finish.
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern & Fluid Control
  • Two Needle/Nozzle sizes for a broader range of fluid viscosities. 1.0mm & 1.2mm
  • 125 ml fluid cup included
  • Light weight, ergonomic design
  • Working Pressure: 1.5 BAR
  • Low air consumption: Up to 7 cfm
  • Suitable for use in spot repair and small batch coating
How to connect

1. Connect an air hose to air nipple tightly. 

2. Connect a fluid hose or a container to fluid nipple tightly. 

3. Flush the gun fluid passage with a compatible solvent. 

4. Insert the filter into the fluid inlet of gun body. Make sure the body of the filter is pushed fully so the body of the filter does not protrude from the cup insert. 

5. Attach the gravity cup to the fluid inlet, pour paint into container, test spray and adjust fluid output as well as pattern width. If the finish is too dry, reduce airflow by reducing air inlet pressure. If finish is too wet, reduce fluid flow by turning fluid adjusting knob clockwise. If atomization is too coarse, increase inlet air pressure. If too fine, reduce inlet pressure.


How to operate 

1. The recommended air inlet pressure is 1.5bar/ 22psi. Do not use more pressure than necessary to atomise the material being applied. Excess pressure will create additional overspray and reduce transfer efficiency. 

2. Recommended paint viscosity differs according to paint property and painting conditions, 18±2 sec./ DIN4 cup is recommendable. 

3. Keep fluid output as small as possible to the extent that the job will not be hindered. It will lead to better finishing with the atomization. 

4. Set the spray distance from the gun to the work piece within the range of 100-150mm (4-6in). 

5. The gun should be held so that it is perpendicular to the surface of the work piece at all times. Then, the gun should move in a straight and horizontal line. Arcing or tilting may result in uneven coating. 


Maintenance and inspection 

1. Pour remaining paint out after use. Clean fluid passages and air cap set. Spray a small amount of thinner to clean fluid passages

2. Clean each section with brush soaked with thinner and wipe out with waste cloth. 

3. Before disassembly, fully clean fluid passages. 

  • (1) Disassemble fluid nozzle. Use spanner to remove fluid nozzle. 
  • (2) Disassemble fluid needle set. Remove fluid adj. knob and fluid needle spring, and then pull out fluid needle spring, and then pull out fluid needle from back of housing
4. Servicing/ replacing air valve.
  •  (1) Remove trigger circlip. 
  • (2) Remove trigger pivot, washer and trigger pin. 
  • (3) Remove trigger. 
  • (4) Remove air valve housing assy with hex socket wrench or spanner. 
  • (5) Remove air valve spring from gun body. 
  • (6) Remove rear air valve seal from gun body with a hooked instrument. 
  • (7) Remove air valve spindle from housing. 
  • (8) Remove air valve packing nut with hex socket wrench or spanner from housing. 
  • (9) Remove air valve packing with a hooked instrument. 
  • (10) Fit new air valve packing into housing. 
  • (11) Screw air valve packing nut into housing. 
  • (12) Fit new rear air valve seal onto housing. 
  • (13) Insert back air valve spindle into housing 
  • (14) Reassemble spring and air valve housing assy into gun body. 
  • (15) Reassemble remaining parts in reverse order. 

5. Replacing needle packing. 

  • (1) Remove fluid adjusting knob and spring. 
  • (2) Trigger gun fully and pull out fluid needle. 
  • (3) Remove air cap. 
  • (4) Remove fluid nozzle with spanner. 
  • (5) Remove spray head assy with hex key. 
  • (6) Remove needle packing nut with hex socket wrench. 
  • (7) Remove needle packing nut spring and needle packing. 
  • (8) Remove rear spring washer with a hooked instrument. 
  • (9) Fit new washers, spring, new packing and packing nut in reverse order and ensure them are engaged. 
  • (10) Reassemble fluid needle, needle spring and fluid adjusting knob. 
  • (11) Reassemble remaining parts in reverse order
Model – PS.MINI
Type of feed – Gravity
Atomization technology –  HVLP
Nozzle range mm – Φ1.0 -1.2
Pattern width mm/inch – 160/6.3(@1.0mm) 
Air consumption lpm/cfm – 200/7
*Rec. working pressure bar/psi – 1.5/22
Max. Pressure bar/psi – 6.8/98 
Max. Temp. ℃ – 5~40
Mass g – 322 

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