2Spray Clay Mitt. Overspray Clay Mitt


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2Spray Clay Mitt. Overspray Clay Mitt, Automotive Paint. Buffing, Detailing.


Our Clay and Microfibre Cleaning Mitts are a mixture between high quality microfibre and a high tech polymer. If you’re dealing with a rough and contaminated paint surface, our Clay Mitt is the perfect remedy.

It offers an affordable and convenient do-it-yourself solution to elevate the shine of your paintwork. Crafted  synthetic detailing clay, this mitt combines functionality and simplicity for effortless usage.

It’s unique design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience while effectively addressing surface imperfections and enhancing the overall gloss of your vehicle’s paint.




  • The 2SPRAY Clay Mit can safely and easily remove contaminates such as stubborn grease, insects stains, rust stains, stainless steel stains and plating
  • stains, double-sided adhesive stains, rain stains and over spray from automotive paint and glass surface.
  • Re-: it can be used up to 60 times; the clay section is not water soluble so after using just squeeze to remove the contaminants.
  • Environmentally friendly: Don’t need to use any other detergents, just use water to clean.
  • The clay mitt can be used on car paints, glass, chrome plate surfaces, etc.
  • SIZE: 22 x 14 cm

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