HB 496 2K High Gloss HS Clear Coat Paint Aerosol 400ml x 3


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2K High Gloss HS Clear Coat Paint C496 Aerosol 400mL Touch Up Top Coat x 3



x3 HB 2K 496 Aerosol


A crystal clear, high gloss coat with excellent leveling. Fast hardening, suitable for all top quality refinishes. Ensures durable gloss and offers excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions.


This item has a 2K Converter (Aerosol Additive) which is an additive used with 2K paints to accelerate through curing.


This is a 2K clear coat laquer for use with local repairs on paintwork. The special formulation has a component which activates the 2k laquer on contact with air. This allows it be used straight from the can.


  • VOC compliant with the regulations
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent results
  • Easy to blend in
  • No hardener required
  • Ideal for spot repairs and isolated panel paintings


General Technical Description 

  • 2-3 Passes
  • Dust free 10min at 23’C



  • Body Basecoat
  • Any waterborne system


Pretreatment / Cleaning of substrate

  • Clean substrate using a soft cloth and degreaser.
  • Make sure the surface is air dried rather than wiped dry.
  • Make sure you always use appropriate face protection and good ventilation.


Product Application:

  • Allow 30 mins after basecoat color has been applied to apply the clear coat. Apply two to three wet coats waiting 5-10 mins in between coats.
  • Each coat should look wet and glossy but not to a dripping state.
  • In case of slight dirt or dust imbeded in the clear coat you can lightly wet sand using P1500 grit paper.
  • Finally use a polishing compounds to bring out the gloss. Be careful not to wax for the next 30 days.


Shake throughly well before using

  • Shake for 2-3 min after agitator ball has started to rattle.


Dust free 10 min at 23°C

  • After preparing the area to be painted ensure it to be free from dirt, wax, oil etc. Test on a similar surface using a back and forth action.


2-3 coats approximately 30-50 microns

  • Spray at a distance of 25 cm thinly applied coats build up at 3-5 minutes intervals will achieve best results.


Full hardness within 24 hours.

  • Leave for 24 hours to harden.



Flash Point: -97°C
Specific Gravity: 0.67 g/cm3
Solid Content (No thinner): 14% Weight

VOC (2004/42/EC)
This product is an aerosol product based on its ingredients and
its properties. The maximum
VOC content in this category
is 840 g/L. The VOC content in
the ready for use form of this
product is 655g/L.

Theoretical Coverage:

Cleaning of equipment:



Please note: This aerosol does not have a hardener activation button/clip on the bottom of the can. It is a 2K air dry which activates when sprayed out of the can.

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