SIA 1950 Siaspeed 41-Hole 120g Sanding Block Sheets 70 x 198mm. Pack of 100.


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SIA 1950 Siaspeed 41-Hole 120g Sanding Block Sheets 70 x 198mm. Pack of 100.


1950 Siaspeed Multi-hole Sanding Sheets feature a sturdy backing with velcro. It is universal for sanding putty, filler, automotive paint and paint. It ensures high efficiency, perfect surface quality and high tool life. 


Width: 70mm

Length: 198mm

Hole pattern: 41-hole

Grit/fineness: 120

Packing unit: 100 sheets


Sanding old and new paint

Sanding strip from Sia can be used for various applications.

  1. Light sanding of old and new automotive paints
  2. Polishing preparation for high-gloss surfaces
  3. Matt finishing of old and new paintwork
  4. Removing dust particles from paintwork
  5. Flatting of putty and composite materials
  6. Removal of orange-peel skin
  7. Fine sanding of fillers
  8. Sanding out unevennesses
  9. Sanding off coatings and contaminants



Sanding out transitions, spot rust, stone chips – sanding fillers – matting paintwork – sanding new parts, factory primers – sanding putty, polyester, GRP. Changing discs is quicker and easier thanks to the siafast Velcro system.



Features Siaspeed Sanding Strips

  • Suitable for dry sanding
  • Very high sanding capacity
  • Excellent finishing
  • Versatile sandpaper
  • Long service life
  • Velcro
  • Universally applicable
  • Reduced abrasive consumption

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