Anest Iwata WS400 Blue Blaze Limited Edition 1.3 HD Clearcoat Spray Gun Kit


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Anest Iwata/Pininfarina WS400 Blue Blaze Limited Edition 1.3 HD Clearcoat Spray Gun Kit 

ANEST IWATA enlisted PININFARINA, the renowned Italian design house to embody the perfect form of beauty and practicality.


  • Suitable for water-based base coat paint and high solid clear coat paint.
  • Designed by Pininfarina S.p.A. of Italy – one of the best design firms in the world, the form of this model is a perfect mix of beauty and utility.
  • ANEST IWATA engineers have turned the ultimate design, created jointly by Italy’s prestigious Pavia University and the Pininfarina design team by keeping ergonomics in mind, into a commercial product.
  • The newly developed cap realizes completely flat thin-layer spray patterns.
  • The spray gun reduces problems such as the uneven coating of metallic or pearl paint caused by a medium- or high-height pattern or a thick coat and boils and pin holing in high solid coats.
This kit contains;
    • Spray gun: WS-400 models
    • Cup: PC-G600P-2
    • Hand pressure gauge: AJR-02S-VG
    Other accessories: Spanner


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