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A premium, technically advanced filler for medium to deep panel damage. Its smooth, creamy formulation has superior filling properties and gives an ultra-fine finish with effortless sanding.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superb filling and build quality
  • Easy to sand and shape



Now Selling BigBoi Washers

CAM 12LB Slide Hammer Set For Body Panel And Vehicle Chassis

Most commonly used tool set to pulls and removes flange-type real axles, oil seals, bearings and press-fits parts Designed to work on multi-purpose works and 8 functional assembly; external 3-jaw puller, internal 3-jaw puller, external 2-jaw puller, internal 2-jaw puller, grip wrench adapter, puller hook, rear axle puller, dent puller to suits different pulling & removing jobs.

Spectra Automotive Paints has a range of sprayguns to suit any budget.


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Elevate Your Car's Appearance with Our Paints

Revamp your vehicle’s look with our premium range of car accessory paints! Our selection of high-quality paints is designed to give your car a fresh, vibrant appearance while ensuring long-lasting durability. From sleek metallic finishes to classic solid colors, we offer a spectrum of shades to match your style. Whether you’re touching up scratches, customizing your rims, or adding a personal touch with accent colors, our paints deliver exceptional coverage and a flawless finish.

Enhance your car’s aesthetics and protect it from the elements with our cutting-edge car accessory paints. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and make a statement on the road with our diverse palette of colors and finishes. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional auto detailer, our paints are your go-to solution for achieving a stunning, showroom-quality look. Unlock endless possibilities for customization and express your individuality with our premium car accessory paints today!


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