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7 ILMA Street, Condell Park NSW

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Spectra Automotive Paints has a range of sprayguns to suit any budget.

This Month's Best Seller

A premium, technically advanced filler for medium to deep panel damage. Its smooth, creamy formulation has superior filling properties and gives an ultra-fine finish with effortless sanding.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superb filling and build quality
  • Easy to sand and shape




About Us


Spectra Automotive Paints is a family owned and operated Automotive Paint shop located in Condell Park, just 21 km’s south-west of the Sydney CBD.

Spectra Paints was first established in 2014 in a small garage and has since grown to a warehouse and continues to grow year by year.

Spectra Paints provides automotive enthusiasts like ourselves and professionals alike the tools to transform vehicles into stunning works of art.

Whether it’s metallics, pearls, or solid colours, Spectra Automotive Paints deliver exceptional quality products, ensuring a long-lasting and lustrous finish that enhances the beauty and value of any vehicle.

Trusted by automotive professionals Australia wide, Spectra continues to push the boundaries of automotive paint technology, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.



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